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Modern Greek language courses: the filoglossia+ courseware


filoglossia+ is a series of Modern Greek language courses addressed to English-speaking learners with little or no previous knowledge of the language. The courseware is mainly based on the communicative approach and focuses on the production and comprehension of both oral and written speech. The user is encouraged to use Greek in order to acquire communicative efficiency and to be able to communicate in everyday life situations.  Each chapter comprises 4 sections: dialogue, vocabulary, grammar and useful phrases, while each section includes both theory and language activities aiming at the development of all language skills.

A number of language tools have been incorporated in the software which enable the user to record his/her voice and compare it with a native Greek speaker, to view the phonetic transcription and listen to the pronunciation of any Greek word by a synthetic voice, to look up any word appearing in the program in the bilingual Greek-English electronic dictionary and obtain the English translation as well as examples of use. Apart from the language material, there is also rich audio-visual material related to cultural aspects of both ancient and contemporary Greek civilization.

The web edition of the filoglossia+ courseware can be accessed for free. The user of the web-based filoglossia+ may navigate freely in the contents of the 15 chapters that have been implemented so far. However, the suggested path is to start from the dialogue and then move gradually to the other sections (i.e. vocabulary, grammar and useful phrases).

The filoglossia+ series was designed and developed by the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP)/”Athena” R.C.For more information about the Institute, click here.

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