The Hellenic Link, Inc.(H-L) is a Cultural and Scientific Association with members in various professions, of Hellenic descent or not, all sharing the Values of the Greek Civilization and desiring to work for its preservation and nurture by implementing the Organizational Purposes. The latter as well as the Membership qualifications are described in the following excerpts from the By-Laws of the Organization.

For a full copy of the By-Laws, please write to our address. For additional information on H-L or to request an Application Form for Membership, please use our e.mail address: info@helleniclink.net.

Article 2: Purposes

a. To support and promote cooperation among its members for cultivation and enrichment of their Hellenic Heritage and Values, for their own over-all betterment as well as for the benefit of Hellenic Communities in the United States and abroad and of society in general.

b. To establish communication and promote collaboration with individuals, private and public institutions, professional Societies, business associations and government agencies in the United States and overseas in support of its cultural, scientific, charitable and educational objectives.

c. To support and promote the cooperation with other Hellenic and Philhellenic Organizations that have similar aims with it.

d. Specific goals of the H-L include: inter – and intra-disciplinary cooperation in cultural and literary-artistic as well as scientific-technological matters and projects; sponsorship of conferences, colloquia, seminars, lectureships and workshops as well as of programs of research that leads to publication and public utilization; arrangement of cultural, educational, technical and scientific exchanges of students, educators, scientists and scholars both within and between North America on one hand and Greece and Cyprus on the other; promotion of Hellenic Letters and Learning and the fostering of Greek Studies both in America and abroad.

e. To work for the growth of the Hellenic Link, Inc. by establishing new, regional sections of the Organization, and by recruiting members worldwide.

f. To represent the Hellenic Link family at the national and international levels.

g. Any other lawful purpose the Organization may require or see fit to pursue.

Article 3: Membership

To become a voting member of H-L and maintain membership in the Organization, an application must be submitted to the Board that will decide on its approval on the basis of the following criteria:

a. Acceptance of the stated Purposes of the H-L, and willingness to voluntarily work for them.

b.* An educational level consistent with the cultural and scientific character of H-L.

c. Payment of the scheduled annual dues.

* Not applicable to Associate and Life Associate Membership.

Hellenic Link Member Categories and Dues Information:

Full Member ………………………………………. $ 50

Graduate Student ………………………………. $ 20

Undergraduate Student (no vote) ……….. $ 10

Dual Membership (Member & Spouse) .. $ 75

Dual Membership (One Full Member) …. $ 60

Associate Member (no vote)………………… $ 25

Dual Associate Member (no vote) ……….. $ 45

Life Membership for Full Member ……….. $500

Life Dual Membership (Member & Spouse)….. $750

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