SCIENCE AND VALUES, Lecture by Dr. Loucas Christophorou, Member of the Academy of Athens


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?? a??e?, ?p?? ????????e, e??a? ?ee???de?? s??det???? a???? ?a? as??? ???t???a ?????? ta ?p??a ?a??d????? t?? a????p??? s?pe??f??? ?a? e??a? s?st?ata a?af???? e ta ?p??a ??????e t? p???? t?? ????. ?? a??e? p??sd???????? t?? a?et? a?, t?? t?? ?a? t?? t???t?t? a?, t? f???a ?a? t? ?e??a??d???a a?, t? st???? ?a? t?? af?s??s? a?, t?? ?pe??f??e?a a?, t?? t??fe??t?ta ?a? t?? ?a??s??? a?. ?? a??e? a? ?????? e?a?s??t??? st?? a?a?????s? ????? a????, a? s??e?????? se ???????e? ?a? ta?t?????a d?af???tt??? ta d??a??at? a? ?? at???. ?? a??e? ????? a??a ?ta? efa?????ta?.

?? a??e? ????? t?? t?? t???. ? as??? a??a ?a? a??a? s???stata? st? ?t? d?a???? a????e? t?? ??a??t?t? a? ?a e?t??s??e t?? a??a t?? ?a? st? s?as?a p?? ??e? a?t? ??a t? ??? a?. ?a? ?p?? a????? ?? p???e?? a? e??a? e?s?at???e? s e?e??e? t?? s??a????p?? a?, ?ts? ?a? ?? a??e? a? e??a? a??a?a e?s?at???e?. ?e? p????e ?a e????s??e ? ?a e?t??s??e t?? a??a t?? a???? ????? ?a t??? ap?d?s??e ? ????? ?a ap?de????e ??p??a a??a t???. ? ???e ?a ap? t?? a??e?, ?p?? t?? d??a??s????, t?? e?e??e??a?, t?? a???p??pe?a?, t?? a??p??, ?.t.?., ?a?????eta? e? p?????? ap? t?? ???p?? a??e?. ?? a??e? ?fe????? t?? a??a t??? st? s???pa??? t?? ????? a????. ??sa ap? a?t? t?? e?s??t?s? ?a? a????ep?d?as? t?? a???? a?ad?eta? ? a??a?a a????e???t?s? t???, ? d?ap?st?s? a??a??? ??????, ?a? ? a????? a??a??? seas?? ?a? s??as??. ??afa??eta?, ep?s??, ? ?pa??? ?a? ?ee??a??? e??t?ta? t?? a???? t?? a????p?? ?a? ? d??at?t?ta s?????s?? t?? a???? se ??a ?????e???? ap?de?t? s?st?a a????. ? a??a ?a? a??a? ????eta? ep????? ?a? ap? t?? a?? st?? ?p??? ? s???e?????? a??a e??s??e? t?? e??t?ta ?a? t? s????? t?? a???? t?? a????p??.

?? a??e? s??e??? d?a??f????ta? ?a? s???a pa?a?????, t??????st?? ??a ???? t???, st?? ??s?a t??? aet???te?, sta?e???. St?? pa?ad?s?a??? e??e?e?? a??e?, -- ?p?? e?e??e? t?? a??a?a? ????????? f???s?f?a? ?a? t?? ???st?a??s?? -- ????? p??ste?e? ?a? ???e?, ?e?te?e?, ?p??, st?? ??e? a?, ?? a??e? p?? af????? st? ?t??. ?s???????ta? ??p????, ?st?s?, ?t? ?a ap? t?? a??a??? p?? ep?fe?e ? s??????? ep?st?? ?a? ? ep?st?????? te???????a e??a? ? ?p????s? t?? ?p??tat?? a???? t?? a????p?? ?a??? ?a? ? ?e???? ???s? t?? a????. ?a?t??, a?ap?fe??ta, se ?a p????a??st??? ???????a, ?p?? ? d??? a?, ?p???e? ??a f?sa e???e?a? t?? a????, s???????? d?a???t?? ?p?st??????? ?t? ?? a??e? t?? a????p?? ???d??e???? ap? t? d????s? t?? d?af???p???s?? ?a? ap? t?? a???s? t?? ?????????? a??s?t?ta?. ?a?at????? ?t? ?? pa?ad?s?a??? a?t???e? a??e? t?? e?????? p???t?s?? ?p??????? ?a? ?t? t?? d?ad??eta? ? ??s?? t?? ??d?te??? ??????f?a?. ????? p???? ????? apa?s??d??a ??a ?a ?p?????s? t?? pa?a????p???? a???? ?a? ?s???????ta? ?t? ?se? ap? t?? a??e? ap?????? ?e?????ta? as??aste? e t?? s?e????? s?????e?, pe?????f??ta? ?? e?t?e?st????, ? a??a ?a? e?????p?????ta?. ? ???s?e?a, ??????, de? ap?te?e? p???? t?? ???st? a??e?t?a ??????. S?e?a, ?p?st???????, ? ?????a t?? d??a??s????, ? ?d?a t?? ??????, ta ???t???a t?? a?et?? ????? ??a p??s??e? s?et??? a??a, ?a? a?t? t? ap?d?d??? st?? ep?d?as? t?? ep?st???. ??e???t?ta ap? t?? ????t?ta t?? a??t???, ??sae, fa??eta?, ta a?a?a e??p???t??? st???e?a t?? p???t?s?? a? ?a? d?e??t?aste a????t? p???? ??a t? t? ep?t????? e?aste ee?? ?? ?????p??.

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???, pa?? t?? ?st????? t?s? t?? a????p?? ??a p???t?s??? d?af???p???s?, sta te?e?ta?a 500 ?????a ?a? ?????? st?? pe?as??? a???a, pa?at??e?ta? ?a t?s? ??a p???t?s??? epa?as?????s?, ???? t?? pa???s??? p???t?st???? a?ta??a??? t?? ?p??e? ep?fe?e ?????? ? ???s? t?? s???????? ep?st??????? te???????a?. ??a??????eta? af e??? ?t? ? p??????a ?a? ? ?d?a?te??t?ta t?? e?????? p???t?s?? apa?te? seas? ?a? d?af??a??, ?a? pa?at??e?ta? af et???? ?t? ? s???pa??? t?? e?????? p???t?s?? ?a? ? e??????? s???s? t?? ?a?? p?? a?t?p??s?pe????, p???p???te? s?????s? t?? e?????? p???t?s?? se ??a ?e???? ap?de?t? s?st?a a???? as?s???, e? p??????, sta ????? t??? st???e?a. ? s??????? ???p?? a????e???t?s? t?? ?a?? t?? ??? p??sf??e? t? d??at?t?ta a??de???? e??? ????? ?st? a????? ?????? a???? ?a? t?? ap?d??? p????? ap? t?? ep? ????? a??e? t?? e?????? p???t?s?? ?? s?p????at???? t?? ?????? a????.

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?? ?????te?e? t?? ???s?e???, a ?d?a?te?a ? ???st?a??s??, e??a? a????p??e?t?????. ??ese????, ?p?? p??s?p??? a?t??a???a?, ?t? ? Te??, p??? ap? 15 pe??p?? d?se?at????a ?????a, d???????se e? t?? ?de??? ta a????? ????? ?a? ??ese t??? f?s????? ????? ?a? ????se t? d?ad??as?a ? ?p??a ?d???se st? s?e???? s?pa?. ??t? ? d?ad??as?a et?t?e?e d?ad????? a?t??????e? ?a? st???e??d? s??t?a se at?????? p????e?, t??t??? se ?t?a, ?a? a?t? a???????? se p???p???a ???a ?a? s?st?ata ??a?? ?a ?p?ast????? e?s??e?d?t? ???, ?a? a??s??e ?sa ap? t? e?e??ss?e?? a?t? s?pa? ??a ??s? p??s?p?? ????? e t? d??? T?? e????a, ??ad???? e?s??e?d?t?? ?p???e??, a?epa????pt??, ?a? ??a sp?t? a???? ?a? ep?st?????. Tee???d??, ???p??, e??a? ? p?st? p????? ???s?e??? ?t? ? a??tat? p??? t?? a???? e??a? ? Te?? ?a? ?t? ?? a??e? e??a? ap??a???e?? t?? ????s?? t?? Te?? st?? ?????p?. ? ?e??? p????e?s? t?? ???s?e?t???? a????, t??? p??sd?de? ??a ?pe?at???, pa?a????p??? ?a? e??p???t??? ?a?a?t??a, ?ts? ?ste ?a ?e?????ta? ap? t??? ?pad??? t?? ???s?e??? a??te?e? t?? ????? a???? t?? a????p??. ?a?? ta?ta, ?a? e? a?t?a?, ?s??, a?t?? t?? ???s?e?t???? a?t????e?? ??a t?? a??e?, ????aste ??t??e? epa?e??????? s??????se??, a?t?d????? ?a? p????? p??? a????? st?? d?a????st???? ??a?? p?? ????et??? ?? ???s?e?e? t?? a????p??.

4. ?? a??e? t?? ep?st??? ?a? ? ep?d?as? t?? ep?st??? st?? pa?ad?s?a??? a??e?

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?a?? ta?ta, ? ???s? a? ??a t? f?s??? ??s? de? p??e? ?a epe?ta?e?, t??????st? ap? ?t? p??? t? pa??? ????????e, p??a? t?? ?e???? ????, ??a pa??de??a, st?? pe????? t?? ?????? ???? ?a? t?? s??e?d?s??. ?e? ??????? ??t??????? pe???ata st?? ep?st??. ??te ?a? ??????? f?s????? ????? p?? ep??????? seas? t?? d??a???t?? t?? a????p??. ???a?, ?????, a????? ?a t???ste? a??? ?t? ep?st???e?, ?p?? ? ??pe??sta? f?s???? Eugene Wigner, ?p?de??????? ?t? a? ?a? ?? ???? t?? f?s?? ?s????? ?a? ??a ta s?stat??? t?? ??s?? ????, e? t??t??? ?? ???? a?t?? ?a p??pe? ?a t??p?p??????? d?aat??? ??a ?a e????s??? ta fa???e?a t?? ????. ??t? e??a? ta ???a t?? ep?st???. ???pe? ?a ta seast??e ?a? ?a ? ta pa?a?????e ?ta? a?a??t??e t?? a??e? ? t?? d??at?t?te? t?? ep?st???.

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